High-End Car Detailing 

In St. Louis, MO

Deep exterior decontaminations and hand applied premium sealants or waxes to deep sanitizing interior cleaning, our detailers will ensure that you are driving properly clean.

Auto Detailing to Make Your Car Feel New Again

Auto detailing helps maintain your car’s value by preserving its paintwork and exterior surfaces. Detailing removes dirt, grime, and tire marks that can damage your vehicle’s finish, but it also adds a layer of protection, making it much easier to maintain over time. At Auto Vitality, we offer a full suite of detailing services in St. Louis designed to keep your car looking and feeling great.

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Maintenance Detailing

Full Maintenance Detail:

Premium hand wash, wheel detailing, interior vacuum, wipe down and glass cleaning.
Small vehicles-$175
Medium vehicles-$200
Large vehicles-$250

Premium Hand Wash:

Small vehicles-$100
Medium vehicles-$120
Large vehicles-$150


Standard Detailing

Standard Full Detail:

Exterior and Interior Detail combined pricing + free engine bay detail.
Small vehicles-$350
Medium vehicles-$400
Large vehicles-$425

Standard Exterior Detail:

Decontamination wash, clay bar treatment, full wheel detail, sealant or wax application, exhaust tips polished.
Small vehicles-$200
Medium vehicles-$250
Large vehicles-$300

Standard Interior Detail:

Detailed vacuum, compressed air blowout, general cleaning/sanitization of all doors/dash/trim/cracks/crevices, mat shampoo, glass cleaning, and air freshener.
Small vehicles-$200
Medium vehicles-$250
Large vehicles-$300

Enhancement Detailing

Enhancement Full Detail:

Everything included in the standard full detail + interior hot water shampoo extraction, steam treatment, spot stain removal, UV trim protectant, ozone treatment if necessary, and exterior 1-step gloss enhancing polish.
Small vehicles-$550
Medium vehicles-$600
Large vehicles-$700

Enhancement Exterior detail:

Standard Exterior Detail + 1-step gloss enhancing polish.
Small vehicles-$375
Medium vehicles-$400
Large vehicles-$450

Enhancement Interior Detail:

Standard Interior Detail + hot water shampoo extraction, steam treatment, spot stain removal, UV trim protectant, ozone treatment if necessary.
Small vehicles-$350
Medium vehicles-$375
Large vehicles-$425

Get the Best Auto Detailing in St. Louis at Auto Vitality

Experience the luxury of Auto Vitality – your trusted source for the highest quality auto detailing in St. Louis! With our exclusive offerings, you can maintain, refresh, and restore any vehicle to look its very best. We understand that your vehicle is a prized possession and pride ourselves on providing detailed services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client that walks through our door. Our experienced technicians use only high-end products, advanced techniques, and innovative tools to bring out your automotive paint’s deepest shine and luster.

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